About us


We are a Toronto based business that’s passionate about candy, chocolate, innovation, cake and smashing things. Not necessarily in that order but it’s what we like. SMASH that Cake has creative SMASH cakes for every occasion imaginable, from romantic heart shaped cakes for valentines or anniversaries to graduation and birthday cakes. The great thing about these cakes is that they are like a piñata. You SMASH it with a little hammer that comes with the cake and amazing things come out, candy, little gifts, chocolate. The possibilities are endless. On a side note, you can use the hammer as a means to fight off those who would like to take the big chunks of chocolate. To us that sounds like a win-win!

 Smash that cake also creates gender reveal cakes, where we fill the cake with little baby booties or other little gifts and either blue or pink candy for the soon-to-be new parents to smash into and reveal the gender of their baby to all their loved ones. 

So, whether you're celebrating a special occasion, sending some love to your BFF, or wanting to share some breaking news in style, with one of our cakes, it's guaranteed to be a SMASH hit!

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Contact: smashthatcake.gta@gmail.com